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Floor Scrubber Preventative Maintenance Tips

Regularly scheduled maintenance helps to extend the life of your cleaning equipment and eliminates downtime. Follow these floor scrubber maintenance tips to help reduce service and repair costs and keep your scrubber running strong.

Before doing any maintenance on your scrubber, make sure the power is off!

Daily Floor Scrubber Maintenance

• Raise the squeegee and wipe the blades down with a damp towel. An unclean squeegee can create unsightly floor streaks during use.

• Wash the pads or brush after each use to remove debris and dirt. Always replace a pad that has excessive wear or tears.

• Drain the recovery and solution tanks, then rinse and clean each one. Residue build-up can cause damage or corrosion over time.

• Damp wipe down the entire machine with an approved cleaning solution.

• Check hoses, lids, and gaskets for any cracks or leaks. Flush out and remove any leftover debris. Any cracks or leaks that are discovered will require a replacement.

For safe daily storage, always drain both tanks and store them in a dry area. Make sure the scrubber is in the upright position with the squeegee and pad driver up off the floor. Also, to reduce the chance of mold in your auto scrubber tank, always store with the tank open to fully dry out.

Weekly Floor Scrubber Maintenance

Attend to your batteries weekly. To extend the life of your batteries, keep them charged at all times. Each type of battery has its own maintenance requirements, so it’s important to know which type is in your machine and follow instructions.

For all batteries though you’ll need to inspect the battery terminals to make sure there is no damage or corrosion to the cables and check for any loose connections. A baking soda and water solution mix is the best way to clean the top of your batteries to avoid corrosion, but do so carefully, so the solution does not enter the battery cells.

Monthly Floor Scrubber Maintenance

• Every month, you should perform a full assessment of your equipment. Any issues found should be repaired.

• Check for any leaks and tighten loose fasteners.

• Apply a machine safe lubricant to all pivot points as needed.

• Flush the solution system by pouring 3 gallons of hot water and approved alkaline detergent into the solution tank. Run the machine with the solution control on for 45 seconds. After flushing, turn off the machine and let it sit overnight before rinsing the tank out.

By following these maintenance tips, you will prolong the life of your auto scrubber for a better return on investment. If you are having an issue with your machine, contact us and we’ll be able to provide you guidance on new parts or service your machine.