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CleanFreak® Reliable 14 Front Squeegee Blade (#MPVR05917) - Red Latex

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Quick Overview
  • Fits the CleanFreak® Reliable 14 auto scrubbers
  • Each blade can be used on all 4 sides
  • Easy to rotate and replace
  • Front squeegee blade

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Product Description

This slotted squeegee blade is designed to fit on the 14 inch CleanFreak® Reliable automatic floor scrubbers (Both battery and electric moedls). This red latex squeegee is a universal squeegee blade that does a great of recovering solution and leaving all floors surfaces dry to the touch. The squeegee is slotted to allow solution to flow through the squeegee into the recovery chamber. The front and rear squeegee blades create suction from the vacuum and will guide the solution to the recovery hose.

To reduce streaking made by excess dirt and debris, it is recommended to wipe the front and rear squeegee blades clean after each use. This will also clean off any chemicals that could potentially cause warping if left standing on the squeegee and reduce the life span of your squeegees. Rotating each squeegee after around 20 hours of use will allow the squeegee to work at peak efficiency, maximize longevity, and reduce streaking. Each squeegee blade can be used in all four directions for increased lifespan. You can use the front side of the squeegee, then rotate, so the back side is facing forward. Then, you can flip it upside down, and use both of those surfaces. No tools are required to rotate your squeegees, making it easy and fast to switch out your blades.

For more options and squeegee blade styles for all floor scrubbers, please feel free to take a look at our full line of auto scrubber squeegees.

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