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CleanFreak® Pink Flamingo™ Round Automatic Floor Scrubber Floor Cleaning & Prep Pads (14" - 20" Sizes) | Box of 5

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Product Description

These round Flamingo pads are designed to be used with any walk behind auto scrubber for light cleaning and to prep your floors for high speed burnishing. These pads are made of polyester fibers in an open texture non-woven fabrication and can be used on both sides. Synthetic abrasive partials are dispersed throughout the pad and bonds to the non-woven construction with durable adhesive. This open and durable construction allows the pad to produce the highest performance when used with one of our low speed floor scrubbers (up to 350 rpms). The pad is suggested to be used with a neutral floor cleaning solution.

Each one of these Flamingo pads can also be used to clean soiled hard surface floors like concrete when combined with the appropriate cleaning chemicals. The pad should be used until soil and heel marks are removed from floor. After scrubbing, the excess solution should be picked up with a mop, wet vacuum, or auto scrubber. Simply rinse your floor after scrubbing and then allow the floor to dry before recoating or opening to traffic. We recommend washing the pad with a pressurized spray to remove excess soil between use to prolong the life of this pad. Other types and sizes of scrubbing pads can be found in our full line of floor scrubbing pads.

Quick Overview

  • 5 pads per case
  • Good for cleaning light dirt and scuff marks
  • Prepares floors for burnishing

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Product Information + Specs

Country of Manufacture
United States
Product Type
Floor Pads, Bonnets & Sanding Screens

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