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Floor Scrubbing & Burnishing Package

SKU: FLR-PACKAGE4    Vendor:CleanFreak
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CleanFreak® 20 inch Hard Floor High Speed Polishing Machine
20" CleanFreak® High-Speed Floor Polishing Machine - 1500 RPM
In Stock
CleanFreak® 17 inch Carpet & Hard Floor Scrubber Buffer
CleanFreak® 17" Carpet & Hard Floor Scrubber Buffer
In Stock
4 Gallon Floor Buffer Solution Tank
4 Gallon Floor Buffer Solution Tank
In Stock
CleanFreak® 'Restore' Floor Wax Polishing Solution | 2.5 Gallons
CleanFreak® 'Restore' Floor Finish Wax Polishing Solution | 2.5 Gallons
In Stock
17 inch Pad Driver
17" Floor Buffer Pad Holder for Floor Pads & Carpet Bonnets
In Stock
17 inch Floor Buffer Poly Bristle Tile Floor Cleaning & Scrubbing Brush - #70515
17" Floor Buffer Economical Everyday Floor Scrubbing Brush (15" Actual Diameter) w/ Clutch Plate | Yellow Poly Bristles
In Stock
'Magnifico' Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner & Deodorizer (Lavender Scent) | 2.5 Gallons
CleanFreak® 'Magnifico' Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner & Deodorizer (Lavender Scent) | 2.5 Gallons
In Stock
Impact® #7548 Jr. Pump Up™ Chemically Resistant Viton Seal Pump Up Sprayer - 48 Ounce
Impact® 48oz Pre-spray Pump Up Pressure Sprayer
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20" CleanFreak® Aqua Round High Speed Floor Polishing Pads | Box of 5
In Stock
$154.95 Value
17 inch Red Floor Buffing Scrubber Pad
17" CleanFreak® Red Round Light Duty Floor Scrubbing Pads | Box of 5
In Stock
$114.95 Value

Product Description

This floor scrubbing and burnishing package is great for any type of tiled floor, where you are looking for high shine. A popular favorite among grocery stores, and retail settings. Leave you floors looking so shiny with our 20 inch burnisher and the polishing pads, that you can almost see yourself in the floor wax's reflection! Just simply mix the floor polishing solution with water and fill up your pump-up sprayer to dispense over the area you are looking to burnish.

The low speed floor machine that comes with this package is great for cleaning your floors, before going over the same area with your burnisher. Simply fill up your solution tank with the floor cleaning solution, and a mixture of water, and you're ready to scrub. The scrub brush that comes with the machine is a everyday, light-duty scrub brush. For more aggressive options, take a look at our complete line of floor buffer brushes. To help you on your way, we are throwing in 25 red scrubbing pads for your floor buffer and 25 polishing pads for your burnisher for FREE!
The floor buffer can also be used as a stripping machine. For accessories to help in stripping applications, please take a look at our 17" floor stripping pads and our floor stripping chemicals.

Quick Overview

  • 1 - 20" floor burnisher
  • 1 - Pump-up sprayer
  • 1 - 17" floor buffer w/ pad driver
  • 1 - Solution tank 
  • 1 - Floor scrubbing brush
  • 2 - Pouches of floor cleaner
  • 2 - Pouches of floor polishing solution
  • 5 - Cases of 20" polishing pads - FREE
  • 5 - Cases of 17" scrubbing pads - FREE

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best deal to get going

Every thing you will to get going. The only thing you will have to do is apply yourself and the equipment will do the rest.

excellent product

easy to use, very good results

great stuff

got this for the same price a company was giving me to do the job. now I can do it all the time. great machines and products.

It's a REAL Deal!
Best Deal

We are a small cleaning company with <25 commercial accounts. 90% of our startup equipment was purchased used. It was now time to buy new. This package was perfect! One clients carpets had never been cleaned (9 years). Used the brush that came with the scrubber and OMG, our carpet machine would never come close. The burnisher has to be moved from job to job daily and is light enough to move but heavy enough to bring a shine to any floor. We hope to buy a 2 more packages very soon.

Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
Product Type
Hard Floor Cleaning Machines
Associated ERP Sku
KOB-00-4430-5 - 20" Floor Burnisher
KOB-00-4497-4 - 17" Floor Buffer
TPL-4GST-BLUE - Solution Tank
MPL-1234-125P - 'Restore' Floor Restorer
OCE-72516 - 17" Pad Driver
OCE-70515 - 17" Scrub Brush
MPL-5192-125P - 'Magnifico' Floor Soap
IMP-7548 - Pump-Up Sprayer
AME-404417 - 17" Red Pads
AME-402320 - 20" Aqua Pads