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IPC Eagle 20" Nylon Floor Scrubbing Brush for CT45, CT46 & CT51 Auto Scrubbers (#SPPV01332)

SKU: EAG-SPPV01332    Vendor:IPC Eagle
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Product Description

This 20 inch nylon brush is great for cleaning any type of flooring, including VCT, concrete, terrazzo, and more. It can be used on smooth and uneven surfaces for maximum efficiency with the IPC Eagle CT45 & CT46 auto scrubbers. This spin-on / spin-off brush is easy to install and replace. Simply raise the head and press the scrub button on the control panel and it will spin off. The same can be done for attaching the brush, simply lower the head over the brush and press the scrub button on the control panel, and the brush will spin-on. The nylon bristles come with a red wear line for easy notification of when the brush needs to replaced.

Quick Overview

  • Fits the IPC Eagle CT45 & CT46 auto scrubbers
  • Good for everyday scrubbing
  • Will not harm tiled surfaces

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Product Information + Specs

IPC Eagle
IPC Eagle
Manufacturer Sku
Brush Diameter
20 inches
White / Black
Product Type
Auto Scrubber Accessories

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