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Silver Auto Scrubber Warranty Plan

Silver auto scrubber warranty plan Silver Warranty Program
Additional Cost: $195.00
Warranty: 1 Year - Defective Parts Covered by Customer

If you are interested in a better warranty coverage for this scrubber, please check out our Platinum Warranty program. For the standard bronze package that comes with each scrubber, please click on the individual scrubber for more details on its warranty coverage.

Warranty Description:
  • All automatic scrubber components and parts to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year.
  • Repairs will be made at a local repair shop, or at your location. We will also bring machines back to our repair shop in extreme situations.
  • If a technician has to go to your location to repair your machine, travel time is not covered.
  • CleanFreak will charge for replacement parts including transportation.
    1. You will be notified at the initial service call that a credit card may be needed to charge for any services that are not covered under the warranty statement. (Please see reference points B & C for instances and wear parts that are not covered under this warranty statement).
    2. Parts will be replaced immediately, and if found to be defective during inspection, you will be contacted for a credit card to charge.
    3. Labor for repairs will be covered at the local shop rate. Travel time will not be covered, and you will be contacted for a credit card to charge.

A.) Batteries are prorated for 1 year.
B.) Wear items exempt from warranty include belts, carbon brushes, power cords, wheels, pad drivers, clutch plates, brushes, pads, handle grips, filters, screens, throttle cables, and squeegees.
C.) This warranty shall not apply to failures caused by misuse or abuse, improper maintenance as stated in the operation manuals, use of unauthorized repair parts, repairs by other than a CleanFreak approved service center, and damage in transit.
D.) CleanFreak disclaims and denies any liability for any direct, indirect, special incidental or consequential damage which may be suffered as a result of sale, delivery, servicing, use, loss of any product, downtime, labor, freight, or other charges not expressly included herein.
E.) CleanFreak reserves the right to change, modify, or eliminate this warranty at any time.

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