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Rear Squeegee Blade for the Trusted Clean 'Dura 18HD' Auto Scrubber

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Quick Overview
  • Fits the Dura 18HD electric floor scrubber
  • Each Linatex blade can be used on all 4 sides
  • Easy to rotate and replace
  • Rear squeegee blade

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Product Description

This rear replacement squeegee blade fits the Trusted Clean 'Dura 18HD' auto scrubber. It is specifically responsible for wiping the floor clean and leaving it dry to the touch after the squeegee assembly passes over it. It should be wiped cleaned after each and every use to ensure long life and remove debris to eliminate any possibility of streaking.

This blade, along with its counterpart, the front replacement blade, should be rotated regularly (every 20 hours of use or so) to maintain maximum efficiency in dirty solution recovery. Each blade can be used as is, then rotated front to back so the back side is now the leading edge, and then flipped upside down so both of those edges can be used.

How to Rotate / Change Out Your Squeegees

  1. Loosen middle 2 wing nuts on squeegee assembly & remove the squeegee assembly from the machine.
  2. Completely remove all 4 wing nuts from the squeegee assembly.
  3. Loosen & remove rear tension bar by sliding the bracket down & removing it completely from the squeegee assembly.
  4. Remove & rotate or flip both squeegees.
  5. Reassemble & reattach.

Product Information + Specs

Trusted Clean
Trusted Clean
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