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Automatic Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers


Advance® SC450™ Battery Auto Scrubber with Splash Skirt and Pad Holder - 20 inch
Starting at $6,032.00


Aztec 20 inch Automatic Floor Scrubber Machine
Starting at $4,339.99


Clarke® CA30™ 17E Electric Auto Scrubber w/ Cord
Starting at $2,876.00


CleanFreak® 14" Low Profile Automatic Floor Scrubber (Battery & Electric Models) w/ Brush
Starting at $2,339.99

IPC Eagle

IPC Eagle CT5 Mini Auto Scrubber - 11 inch
Starting at $2,519.00


Minuteman Port-A-Scrub Deluxe Electric Bathroom Autoscrubber
Starting at $2,125.00

Pacific Floorcare®

Pacific Floorcare® S-20 Cordless Battery Powered Auto Scrubber (20 inch Head) - 11 Gallons
Starting at $6,492.03

Pioneer Eclipse

Pioneer Eclipse 20 inch Traction Drive Auto Scrubber - Battery Powered
Starting at $6,389.99


Powr-Flite® 'Predator 14' Battery Powered Automatic Floor Scrubber (4.5 Gallon) - 14 inch
Starting at $2,713.00


Task-Pro™ Compact Automatic Floor Scrubber - 17" Electric
Starting at $2,643.00


Tornado® 'BR 13/1 MW' CRB 13" Tile & Grout Automatic Floor Scrubber
Starting at $2,079.00

Trusted Clean

Trusted Clean 'Dura 17' Cord Electric Automatic Floor Scrubber w/ Pad Driver
Starting at $1,649.99


Viper 17" Electric Auto Scrubber (9.25 Gallons) - #AS4335C
Starting at $2,588.00

Walk behind floor scrubbers can offer a business the fastest way of scrubbing and cleaning the floors of a medium to larger sized facility. One pass over the floor and it's clean and ready to be walked on (although it's always advisable to set out the standard yellow "wet floor" signs). We have a wide selection of walk behind floor scrubbers in all different brands to suit your particular floor care needs.

Our CleanFreak® industrial floor scrubbers category consists of three of our best-selling machines: the Reliable 18 inch electric automatic floor scrubber, the Performer 20 inch walk behind scrubber, and the rugged Performer 24 inch floor scrubber for large areas.

The IPC Eagle commercial floor scrubbers is another diverse category that features machines such as the compact 14" portable scrubber to the 18 inch CT30 battery mini scrubber and the heavy-duty walk behind self propelled scrubber.

The Minuteman automatic scrubbers range from the compact Deluxe electric bathroom auto scrubber to the H26 Hospital Floor Scrubber.

Pacific professional floor machines offer some of the toughest machines in the industry. Included here you'll find the 20" cordless scrubber and their orbital auto scrubber.

The Tornado floor scrubbing machines offer the largest selection of autoscrubbers: the 13 inch cylindrical tile/grout scrubber is great for grout cleaning, the 20" rotary walk behind scrubber is a good general purpose walk behind machine, and the 24 inch EZ FloorKeeper is best for larger facilities.

Viper automatic floor scrubbers are our latest addition to the walk behind floor scrubber lineup. Our selection ranges from the 17" Viper electric automatic scrubber to the Fang 32" walk behind floor scrubber.

With so much to choose from you're sure to find just the right machine for your needs here. And feel free to contact us for any further questions you might have about a particular walk behind auto scrubber that we carry.

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