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20" Nylon Floor Scrubbing Brush (#SPPV01498) for the Advantage Auto Scrubber

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Product Description

This 20" nylon floor scrub brush is the perfect accessory for your daily cleaning routine when used with the Advantage 20 auto scrubber. Its durable nylon bristles make it safe for use on a variety of floor types, including VCT, ceramic, terrazzo, concrete, and more. The bristles are designed to effectively scrub uneven floors and clean all areas, including crevices. This brush comes standard with the Advantage 20 auto scrubber when purchased new.

Alternatively, if you have flat, smooth surfaces and you prefer cleaning and/or stripping with a pad, the 20” pad driver may be the right option for you. We also have an extremely aggressive 20" brush available for heavily soiled areas and for stripping applications.

The Advantage 20 incorporates "hands-free" technology for guaranteed easy brush or pad changing. The spin-on/spin-off feature allows for fast and simple installation and removal, which the operator can do from a comfortable, standing position.This nylon brush is compatible with any type of cleaner or degreaser and is safe for use on all floor types. If the bristles become misshapen from heavy-duty scrubbing, they can occasionally be restored to their original shape by soaking the brush in hot water. The brush also comes with a wear indicator to notify you when it's time for a replacement.

Quick Overview

  • Fits the Advantage 20" auto scrubber
  • Good for everyday scrubbing
  • Will not harm tiled surfaces

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Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
Brush Diameter
20" nylon brush
Product Type
Auto Scrubber Accessories

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