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CleanFreak® 'Easy Lift SC' Concentrated Floor Finish Remover | 6 Quarts

SKU: MPL-1135-61Q    Brand:CleanFreak
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Product Description

CleanFreak Easy Lift SC is a super concentrated floor stripper that is used to remove different types of floor waxes / finishes (acrylic, styrene, polymers, co-polymers, oligimers, and metal crosslinked finishes). It can also be used to remove some acrylic and water based urethane sealers. Read all cautions and directions before using this concentrated floor finish removing product. It contains alkaline ingredients normally found in powerful strippers, which help it to quickly penetrate, liquefy, and remove your floor finish.

Best results are achieved when using a floor stripping pad with a floor buffer or auto scrubber. This added pressure and agitation allows you to remove all layers of the floor finish, and start with a fresh new floor.

Dilution Ratios

  • Light Duty - Dilute 1 part stripper to 30 parts water, or 1 quart of stripper to 7.5 gallons of cold water.
  • Medium Duty - Dilute 1 part stripper to 20 parts water, or 1 quart of stripper to 5 gallons of cold water.
  • Heavy Duty - Dilute 1 part stripper to 10 parts water, or 1 quart of stripper to 2.5 gallons of cold water.


  1. Dilute product for your needs according to the directions above. For most jobs, the medium duty dilution ratio will be just fine. 1 part stripper to 20 parts water, or 1 quart of stripper to 5 gallons of cold water.
  2. Pre-test floor for color fastness in a small inconspicuous area.
  3. Apply liberal amounts of solution uniformly to floor with a mop.
  4. Let stripping solution dwell for 10 minutes. Do not allow the solution to dry.
  5. Double scrub area with a floor buffer or auto scrubber to help agitate and loosen the existing floor finish.
  6. Use a wet vac to pick up floor finish slurry / solution.
  7. Rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water.
  8. Use a neutralizer to remove remaining residue after rinsing.
  9. Allow the floor to completely dry.
  10. Apply new floor finish in the normal manner.

On old linoleum, rubber and asphalt floors do not use an over concentration of solution or bleaching and discoloring may occur. Test a small area using a solution no stronger than 1 part of stripper to 10 parts of water. Adjust concentration to strip effectively without harming floor substrate.

Quick Overview

  • Super concentrated floor stripper
  • 6 quarts per case
  • Makes up to 45 gallons of stripping solution
  • No extra Haz-Mat charges because of packaging

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Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
Bottle Size
1 Quart
Dark Green
Dilution Rate
4 - 13 oz. per gallon
12.0 - 12.5
Product Type
Floor Care Chemicals
Solubility in Water
Specific Gravity