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Concrete & Tile Floor Scrub Brush for the Trusted Clean 'Dura 18HD' Auto Scrubber

SKU: TPL-9050018    Brand:Trusted Clean
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Product Description

This polypropylene bristle floor scrubbing brush can be used on any type of flooring. It is safe for use on any type of commercially finished floor when it is used as intended and free of any type of debris. When used with the Trusted Clean 'Dura 18' electric auto scrubber, you can expect to clean 15,000 ft²/hr at maximum efficiency.

If you are looking to clean rubber mats or any type of sport court flooring, we recommend using the soft bristle specialty floor brush to reduce stress on the brush motor of the machine.

Installing Your Brush

  1. Turn your auto scrubber off and unplug from the wall.
  2. Tilt the machine backwards so you have access to the underside of the front apron.
  3. Line up the 3 posts from the top of the brush with the drive hub.
  4. Make sure all 3 posts are properly inserted into the drive hub.
  5. Push the plunger down on the top side of the apron to lock the drive hub into place and prevent it from spinning.
  6. While holding the plunger down, spin the brush clockwise with your other hand until you hear it click into place.

Quick Overview

  • Fits the Dura 18HD auto scrubber
  • Good for everyday scrubbing
  • Will not harm tiled floors
  • Only one brush required

Customer Reviews

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what a difference a new brush makes!

should have bought a new brush sooner-- what a difference!

Product Information + Specs

Trusted Clean
Manufacturer Sku
Brush Diameter
18 inches
Product Type
Auto Scrubber Accessories