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'Reliable 18E' Electric Automatic Floor Scrubber Package

SKU: ASP-PACKAGE2    Vendor:CleanFreak
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CleanFreak® Reliable 18E Electric Automatic Floor Scrubber
CleanFreak® Reliable 18E Electric Automatic Floor Scrubber w/ 30' Power Cord (18" Head) - 8 Gallons
In Stock
18 inch Aggressive Floor Scrub Brush - CleanFreak® Reliable 18E
CleanFreak® Reliable 18E Aggressive Scrub & Strip Brush - 18 inch
In Stock
CleanFreak® 'Defoamer' Foam Eliminator for Auto Scrubber Recovery Tanks | 2.5 Gallon Pouch
CleanFreak® 'Defoamer' Foam Eliminator for Auto Scrubber Recovery Tanks | 2.5 Gallons
In Stock
Yellow 2-Sided Wet Floor Sign
Yellow 2-Sided Wet Floor Sign
In Stock
CleanFreak® Reliable 18E Auto Scrubber 18 inch Front Replacement Squeegee
CleanFreak® 18 inch Auto Scrubber Front Replacement Squeegee - Reliable 18E
In Stock
Rear Squeegee Blade for use with the CleanFreak Reliable 18E
CleanFreak® 18 inch Auto Scrubber Rear Squeegee Blade - Reliable 18E
In Stock
CleanFreak® 'Low Foam' Floor Scrubbing Degreaser for Auto Scrubbers | 2.5 Gallons
CleanFreak® 'Low Foam' Floor Scrubbing Degreaser for Auto Scrubbers | 2.5 Gallons
In Stock
$179.95 Value

Product Description

The CleanFreak Reliable 18E electric auto scrubber comes with everything you could possibly need to scrub large areas of hard floors. The machine comes standard with a nylon brush. We throw in a tynex heavy duty scrub brush, 2 replacement squeegee blades, several different chemicals to extend the life of your machine, and 2 wet floor signs. Spin-on/spin-off brushes make it extremely easy to handle. Configurable warranty plans to fit your needs.

We have several other auto scrubber packages available, including our battery powered hard floor scrubber package, which makes your life even easier by not having to deal with an electric power cord at every turn.


  • The brush mounts on the side of the scrubber for transport and storage.
  • Easy to understand command functions on the control panel make it extremely easy for any operator to use the machine.
  • Recovery tank lifts off for easy dumping/cleaning.
  • Foldable handle is great for storage.

Warranty Options

Choose the Bronze or Platinum Warranty Bronze Warranty Platinum Warranty
Price Free $395.00
Coverage 30 days 1 year
Batteries are prorated for 1 year Included Included
All automatic scrubber components and parts to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year. Included
Repairs will be made at a local repair shop, or at your location. We will also bring machines back to our repair shop in extreme situations Included
Parts that are defective will be sent to you and covered by CleanFreak. Included
You will not be required to provide a credit cart at the time of the initial service call to get the repair started. Included
Labor for repairs will be covered at the local shop rate. Included
Travel time for repairs will be covered. Included

Quick Overview

  • 1 - 18 inch electric auto scrubber
  • 1 - nylon floor scrubbing brush
  • 1 - tynex floor stripping brush
  • 2 - wet floor signs
  • 2 - pouches of liquid defoamer
  • 1 - front replacement squeegee
  • 1 - rear replacement squeegee
  • 5 - pouches of of floor scrubbing degreaser - FREE

Customer Reviews

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Floor surbbber

Very good product

Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
Product Type
Hard Floor Cleaning Machines
Associated ERP Sku
IES-18E-CF - Auto Scrubber
EAG-SPPV02665 - Nylon Scrub Brush
EAG-SPPV02666 - Tynex Strip Brush
MPL-0950-125P - Liquid Defoamer
OCE-96991 - Wet Floor Sign
EAG-MPVR05953 - Front Squeegee Blade
EAG-MPVR05954 - Rear Squeegee Blade
MPL-0610-125P - Degreaser