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CleanFreak® 14" Low Profile Automatic Floor Scrubber (Battery & Electric Models) w/ Brush

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Product Description

The CleanFreak Reliable 14-inch auto scrubber is definitely one of a kind! It makes cleaning in congested areas a breeze. The compact body is perfect for cleaning high-traffic areas in a cinch, like those found in convenience stores and gas stations. With the low profile head, it also does great in areas where there are several obstructions, like dining halls/cafeterias. With this auto scrubber, you can scrub under tables without having to move them.

Packed with so many advantages, this auto scrubber is not only a competitively priced model, but it also comes with a brush to scrub the floor. The battery-powered model comes with 2 AGM (maintenance-free) batteries and an onboard charger, whereas the electric unit comes with a 30' power cord that provides unlimited run time.

Both models come with a 4-gallon solution. The battery model will run for 2 hours on a full charge, and the electric unit obviously has an unlimited run time.

This machine is extremely user-friendly and blows away other competitive models that are much more expensive. It has a patented hands-free spin-on/spin-off system that makes brush/pad changeouts easy. It also features a 4-gallon removable recovery tank for easy disposal of recovered dirty water, as well as cleaning out of said tank. A fully adjustable handle makes operating the machine conformable for any operator. The handle also folds all the way down to make it easy to store or transport. It makes cleaning under and around objects extremely easy. Buy one today to see how much time you'll save versus cleaning your floors by hand!

Please feel free to take a look at our full line of CleanFreak® auto scrubbers, which are considered by many to be the best value in the industry! We offer all brands of walk behind scrubbers for those looking to price shop or find the exact unit that is best for their needs.

*Please Note: This machine cannot be used on any rubberized floors or mats. We recommend the 'Dura 18HD' rubberized floor scrubbing machine package, which comes with a specialty brush to clean rubber floors.


  • A patented hands-free spin-on/spin-off system that makes brush/pad changeouts easy.
  • The brush-assisted drive system allows you to easily scrub any area with minimal effort as the machine pulls itself along.
  • The follow-behind squeegee system will leave the floor dry to the touch after it passes over it.
  • 4-gallon recovery tank can be removed for easy dumping & clean out.
  • Additional 'Platinum' warranty plan fully covers everything on the machine for 1 year.

Quick Overview

  • Rotary-style scrub head
  • 14-inch scrubbing path
  • Brush-assisted drive system
  • 4-gallon solution tank
  • 5-gallon recovery tank
  • Battery and electric models available
  • Nylon brush included

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cleaning Pros
This Machine is amazing totally cleaning our tile floors almost every day !! The Brush attachment...

Simple easy use

14" Reliable is as it says!
14" autoscrubber

Use it to scrub Manufacture bathrooms and lunchroom, could be more aggressive , but a new brush will handle that

Best little scrubber!

Super cool looking and actually works as advertised. I bought a battery and electric one for my garage and shop. Amazing how well that squeegee works and easy the machine is to use. The dump hose on the tank also makes it so you don't need to lift out the tank if you have a low floor drain. Awesome machine!!

SuperFreak LogoTips from our SuperFreak Service Technicians

Tim C says – "During the charging of the battery-powered version of this machine, if the red light on the charger starts to flash, there is no need to worry; this is totally normal behavior. The flashing red light is a timeout error which tends to happen when replacing the batteries. You need to cycle the batteries anywhere from 6-12 times before that will stop happening. At that point, you will get the longest run times and the shortest recharge times.

The light flashing on the display while the scrubber is running indicates that the motor is in ECO mode, running at 80% of the max scrub power and speed. To take it out of ECO mode, turn the unit on and hit the brush button once. Then, without touching the paddles to activate anything, press and hold the button for the brush motor until the flashing stops."

Maintenance Tips

  • Use a defoamer solution with every use to control the foam in the recovery tank & protect the vac motor.
  • After each use, you'll want to make sure to raise the squeegee assembly, wipe the squeegee blades clean, and remove the brush to avoid deforming the bristles.
  • Clean out both the solution & recovery tanks after each use.

SuperFreak Tech Tips

Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
2 - 12 Volt Gel 33Ah AGM Maintenance Free Batteries (on Battery Operated Unit)
Battery Type
(2) 33 Ah Gel
Brush Diameter
14 Inches
Brush/Pad Pressure
55 lbs.
Brush/Pad Speed
140 RPM
Cleaning Rate Per Hour
13,500 sq. ft.
Cleaning Width
14 inches
High Density Polyethylene
Country of Manufacture
29" L x 16" W x 21" H
Drive System
Brush Assisted
Noise Level (dB)
Battery Operated - 68 dB / Cord Electric - 70 dB
Number of Brushes
Operating Weight (lbs.) with Text
Battery Operated - 130 lbs. / Cord Electric - 115 lbs.
Power Cord
30 ft. Power Cord (on Electric Powered Unit)
Product Type
Hard Floor Cleaning Machines
Recovery Tank Capacity
5 gallons
Run Time
2 hours (battery) | Unlimited (electric)
Scrub Style
Solution Capacity
4 gallons
Squeegee Width
18 inches
Tanks - 10 years
Motors & Pumps - 3 years
Parts - 1 year
Batteries - Prorated for 1 year
Associated ERP Sku
IES-14-E-CF - Electric
IES-14-B-CF - Battery