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Trusted Clean 'Dura 18HD' Rubberized Floor Scrubbing Machine Package w/ Brush, Chemicals & Squeegees

SKU: ASP-PACKAGE9    Brand:Trusted Clean
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Trusted Clean 'Dura 18' Cord Electric Automatic Floor Scrubber
Trusted Clean 'Dura 18HD' Electric Auto Floor Scrubber w/ 82' Power Cord & Brush (18" Head) - 9 Gallons
In Stock
CleanFreak® Neutral Clean General-Purpose Floor Cleaner | 2.5 Gallons
CleanFreak® 'Neutral Clean' General-Purpose Floor Cleaner | 2.5 Gallons
In Stock
Rubber Floor Nylon Bristle Brush for the Trusted Clean Dura 18HD Auto Scrubber
Trusted Clean 18" Specialized Rubber Floor Scrubbing Brush for the 'Dura 18HD' Auto Scrubber (#9050018W)
In Stock
CleanFreak® 'Defoamer' Foam Eliminator for Auto Scrubber Recovery Tanks | 2.5 Gallon Pouch
CleanFreak® 'Defoamer' Foam Eliminator for Auto Scrubber Recovery Tanks | 2.5 Gallons
In Stock
Trusted Clean Dura 18HD Auto Scrubber Rear Squeegee Blade for Rubber Floors
Rear Poly Squeegee for Recovery on Rubber Floors with the Trusted Clean 'Dura 18HD' Auto Scrubber
In Stock
$43.99 Value
Front Poly Squeegee Blade for Recovery on Rubber Floors with the Trusted Clean 'Dura 18HD' Auto Scrubber
Front Poly Squeegee for Recovery on Rubber Floors with the Trusted Clean 'Dura 18HD' Auto Scrubber
In Stock
$34.99 Value

Product Description

Featuring one of our best-selling electric floor scrubbers, the ’Dura 18HD’, this package was assembled to offer a complete solution for those needing to clean rubberized floors or other high-friction areas. The unit itself is backed by a 5-year warranty - this machine can be relied on to keep working for you for many years to come.

This machine comes with a nylon 18" brush for general scrubbing on even or uneven floors, but this is not the brush to use on rubberized floors as the bristles are too stiff. The package includes an extremely soft floor scrubbing brush, which is the one meant to be used on these specific floor types, as the soft bristles do not cause as much friction. Too much friction can cause your brush motor to fail prematurely and for this reason, we do not recommend using floor scrubbing pads on these rubber floors. We also include 12.5 gallons of a neutral floor scrubbing solution and 5 gallons of defoamer to protect your machine’s motor. Both of these chemicals are basic solutions that will make you more effective in your cleaning tasks and not harm your floor. Finally, a pair (front and rear) of polyurethane squeegees are also thrown in the package for FREE! These blue polyurethane squeegees are more effective at recovering liquids on rubberized floors than the original included red linatex blades.

If this package is not exactly what you're looking for, please feel free to take a look at our full line of automatic floor scrubber packages, or give us a call at 855-242-9029 to see what we can customize for you!

5 year warranty
*Please Note: This warranty does not include any wear items like brushes, pad drivers, batteries, hoses, squeegees, and/or switches. All no-charge replacement parts are shipped out to you via UPS Ground for free.


  • Comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty (excluding wear items).
  • Package comes with a general brush, specialty rubberized floor brush, neutral floor cleaner, defoamer, and a set of specialty squeegees for rubberized floors.
  • An 82' power cord allows you to clean a large area without having to plug into a new outlet and allows for an unlimited run time.
  • Lightweight & easy-to-use, any operator can walk up to this machine and immediately start using it to clean.
  • Brush assist drive makes it extremely easy to maneuver and requires little to no effort on the operator's part to "push" the machine around.

Package Includes

FREE Products!
FREE Products!

Quick Overview

  • 1 - 'Dura 18HD' Electric Floor Scrubber w/ Brush
  • 5 - Pouches of 'Neutral Clean' Floor Cleaning Solution
  • 2 - Pouches of Defoaming Solution
  • 1 - Speciality Rubber Floor Scrubbing Brush
  • 1 - Speciality Front Squeegee Blade- FREE
  • 1 - Speciality Rear Squeegee Blade- FREE

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Product Information + Specs

Trusted Clean
Manufacturer Sku
Power Source
Product Type
Hard Floor Cleaning Machines
Associated ERP Sku
TPL-DURA-18HD - Auto Scrubber
MPL-5855-125P - Neutral Cleaner
TPL-9050018W - Specialty Scrub Brush
MPL-0950-125P - Defoamer
TPL-8118002 - Speciality Front Squeegee
TPL-8118001 - Speciality Rear Squeegee